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Research: SP7 Responsible Innovation (UNINE)

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Responsible innovation as a driver of urban futures

Sub-project 7 seeks to translate the knowledge collected in SP 1-6 into policies and practices in the fields of housing, residential, and urban development.

To this end, it provides a conception of how responsible innovation can be operationalized as a driver of urban futures.

First, it investigates how, and under what conditions, alternative framings and practices of responsibility can foster the development of the responsible city. Second, it interrogates the kinds of innovations (technological, social, and institutional) that are necessary to transfer general visions of responsibility into new urban policies and practices. SP6 employs the notion of “responsible innovation” to assess institutional framings and their possible changes.

SP7 Researcher Team

Who is participating: Hugues Jeannerat; Ola Söderström;
Post-doctoral Researcher (NN)