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Research: SP5 Relational Geographies of Responsibility (UZH)

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A comparative view of socio-ecological housing controversies.

In an increasingly connected unequal world, housing controversies tangle with socio-environmental harms elsewhere.

Housing responsibilities have specific geographies: particularly in Switzerland, urbanisation processes are deeply entrenched in global networks of trade, postcolonial histories, tourism, migration, and investment. At the same time, responses towards global processes) (e.g. migration) reverberate with local responses. SP5 aims at understanding urban responsibility controversies through the webs of connectivity that emerge when housing practices and policies around socio-environmental questions in one place affect people and places elsewhere and in other times. This sub-project will advance a comparative analysis that links to SP 1-4 but puts these topics into comparative conversation.

SP5 Researcher Team

Who is participating: Hanna Hilbrandt; Post-doctoral Researcher (NN)