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Research: SP3 Institutional Responses: Planning the Responsible City (ETH-Z)

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How planning actors aim to reconcile socio-ecological housing controversies.

This project explores how planning actors aim to reconcile socio-ecological housing controversies, with a particular focus on the policy impact on individuals and neighbourhoods.

Sub-Project 3 focuses on controversies around responsible planning to inquire into how urban planners, policymakers, and architects interpret, negotiate, and design responsible planning in order to reconcile socio-ecological controversies. We will particularly investigate the impact of planning instruments and policies for urban transformations, such as densification, urban redevelopment, and the creation of mixed neighbourhoods on residents and neighbourhoods. Doing so, we ask whether and how urban redevelopment leads to the displacement of low-income residents and how these processes impact on residential segregation and gentrification and with that contribute to social inequalities.

SP3 Researcher Team